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We offer cheaper prices than Apple because our business is fixing computers. We have much smaller costs with running our business.


Apple would probably prefer you to buy a new model on almost all repairs customers present to them. They as a result price their repairs accordingly larger than many in the industry quite substantially.

Therefore the price difference can be huge. On some current models of iMac, Repair My Mac was over £240 cheaper than Apple for the same repair!

Plus in addition to cost savings, we have a 100% success rate of being able to return the Mac to the customer faster than Apple said that they could. When you book an appointment with Repair My Mac we aim to fix your Mac the very same way and keep our 100% success rate intact!

If any of the common faults below do not resemble your query, please do feel free to get in touch with us, as we shall be only too happy to help!

iMac Screen Problems
(All models)

iMac Speed Issues
(All Models)

Internal Component Faults
(All Models)

Data Recovery & Software Issues
(All Models)

iMac Upgrades
(Almost All Models)

iMac Support
(All Models)

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