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To produce and invoice for products or services purchased, we require the following details: - Your Full Name and Your Phone Number. We will never divulge these details to any other organisation or use for any marketing purposes.

To help with accounting and warranty requirements, we may require taking with your full consent, your full address in addition to the above customer details.

On the invoice, we will advise what guarantee you can expect to receive based upon the job or purchase. Serial numbers of any purchases will be obtained.

Invoices will be kept for 7 years as per HMRC requirements, and for the duration of any warranty.

Repair My Mac has the right to refuse any warranty claim, in the event of discovering customer misuse, tampering, or alterations it deems not satisfactory.

Software repairs i.e. Virus clean's or Format Reinstall services usually are exempt from warranties or guarantees. This also applies to consumable items.

All property remains under the ownership of Repair My Mac until paid in full. Stock will STRICTLY ONLY BE released upon cleared payment in full.

Please ensure you keep this receipt safe. This is for your warranty purposes and your own accounting reasons.

I consent fully to the above terms and conditions above.

Sales Terms and Conditions

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